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Check Out the Bike Parts
Rear fender view from under the seat
  • Justin Barnes painted this fantastically detailed piece of art on the rear fender.  It is tucked under the seat behind the battery box.  You have to look close to see its magnificiance!
Custom Paul Cox original Seat
  • I fabricated the seat pan from 16 guage sheet metal to fit the lines of the bike and the curve of the rear fender.  Is is covered by a Paul Cox original in a Viking theme.
Custom Oil filter mount
  • I custom made this oil filter mount to fit between the front down tubes.  It is beautifically contoured to fit the theme of the bike.  All of the oil lines were custom bent and painted RED to match the bike. 
This is a view of the 4" Belt Drive
  • It features the name of the bike
  • It was painted by Justin Barns
NOTE: These parts are not for sale