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       Designed and fabricated by Bjorn Gudmestad

  • The Viking Chopper bike was started in March of 2005 in the Dining Room of my home and was completed Jabuary 2010.
  • This bike is a tribute to my father who turned 100 years young in November 2011. 
  • This was my first attempt at fabricating a custom motorcycle.  I had very few fabrication tools when I started this build so I acquired them during the build. 
  • I had never welded before therefore I set up my welding shop in my Living Room.  I learned how to MIG and TIG weld during this build. Did I mention that I was single at the time?
  • The Viking Chopper is representative of true Vikings heritage.  It includes Viking swords (front and back), a battle shield, maces, and lots of points.
  • The rear fender was cut out and painted to resemble a Viking helmet. 
  • The overall graphics were chosen to represent various Viking battle scenes.  The left side of the tank depicts a summer battle scene.  The right side of the tank depicts a winter battle scene and the top of the tank depicts an at-sea battle scene.
  • There is Viking scroll work all over the frame, tank, rear fender and front end.
  • My family tree is documented in Viking Rune script down both springer forks.
  • This was a project of love and dedication for my Norwegian heritage and I'm glad I did it.
The Love, Inspriation and driving force in my life
Gail Gudmestad
Business Manager
Attention to detail is my motto
Bjorn Gudmestad
Owner - Frabricator
The tank is comprised of 20 individual compound concave panels.
My family lineage is written in Viking RUNE down each springer fork.
The air cleaner cover is a solid aluminum block painted to look like real wood.
The rear fender is cut and painted to look like a Viking helmet.